You awaken on the coast of a mysterious forest. You're wounded, but have your foil. Scavenge for apples and avoid the wandering forest dwellers as  but fight them if you must! Duel your way deep into the forest in search of the Eye

AlleZ is an action / sword-fighting / survival in which you duel to the death in one-on-one  fencing duels. Every duel is to the death! If you want to survive, you'll have to parry your opponents attacks by mirroring their moves.

Move - WASD / Arrow Keys / IJKL
Interact - F / Space / Enter

Thrust / Parry - W / I / Up Arrow
Left Slash / Parry - A / J / Left Arrow
Right Slash / Parry - D / L / Right Arrow

Developer Tips
- You start with low health, so try to quickly eat an apple or two.
- The enemies in black are much tougher than the ones in green and navy. You'll need to master parrying if you want to win a duel against a enemy in black. 
- You start on the southern edge, head north in search of the Eye.
- See if you can defeat all the enemies without getting hit!

The game is named after the French fencing term allez ('ah-lay'), with touch of DayZ.  We made this initially game across three 3-hour sessions over a weekend for the 2020 Triple TriJam.  You can try out the intermediate builds through the links below, but be warned, they are pretty buggy / incomplete :)

Triple TriJam Builds
First - 3hr -
Second - 6.5hr-
Third - 9.5hr -
The current web version is our post-jam build which we've worked on after the jam to add more juice and polish.

There's no way to win or lose in in builds 1 & 2, you can just run around. Build 3 is pretty much complete.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 3.8 out of 5 stars
(19 total ratings)
Made withUnity
TagsFantasy, fencing, Minimalist, Roguelike, Short, Stealth, Swords, web


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This is really fun, but I am really bad at it, so it turned into a stealth game. I actually think a stealth game like this style would work well!

Seems a little easy overall to be honest. That and I think the black enemies seem to be easier than the green ones, since you don't really get nearly as impatient with them, as weird as that seems.

so cute!



That's adorable, I killed all of them.


Hey, I thought this game was fun and based a composition idea on it. I posted it here: Let me know if you would like to use it (free). I know it was just a small project, but I wanted something cool to practice composition on.

Between 0:00 & 0:27 is the main theme, Between 0:27 and 1:01 is the track when in battle, 1:01 - 1:05 is the end of a battle. Then 1:05 to 2:00 is back to the main theme with a twist. You could also just play it through if you want.


Pls, make standalone Windows-build.

Added a Windows build download.


Nice I like it


Really amazed how cool this unlit style looks. Cool mechanics, it works well.


Incredible!  Love the art style and the fencing mechanic is pretty nifty.

Deleted post

Wow! I love the dueling. Surprised that a good game like this was made in such a short amount of time! Keep it up! :)


Cool game, nice look. Trees can become a problem with combat sometimes, hard to see


Really awesome, you game has a nice look! The combat is feels very unique, it was a bit difficulty to master for me though. Great game :)