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Block & Load

Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. 

Block & Load is a 3D infinite runner game where you use your enemies as the path. You play as a skilled ruin raider, who is caught in the middle of her most recent predicament. You can shoot your enemies with your bow to turn them into blocks, push them around to create paths, or just climb right over the top of them, see how long you can last!


(Controller needed to play currently: Xbox, PS4, or Switch Pro USB)

Left Analog Stick - Move

Right Analog Stick - Aim 

Left Trigger - Hold to Lock-On to enemies. Use right stick to change targets.

Right Trigger - Shoot

Hold B or Y (or whatever is the bottom controller button)  to push blocks

Press A or X to climb on top of blocks

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Tags3D, infinite-runner, Puzzle-Platformer, puzzle-shooter, raid


Block&Load_Win_PostJam1.zip 36 MB

Install instructions

Download and extract the zip file to run the game. Made with Unity.


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I like your character model and the flat color style! I'm interested to see where the gameplay would go if you kept at it.