A downloadable game for Windows

Programming by Nic Lupfer
Art by Brieyh'leai (Comfyfish)
Audio/Sound by ockpii

As resident pilot, it is your duty to help the three islands that sit beneath you. On these islands reside islanders who harvest carrots all day long, only to be disturbed by swarms of fly guys. Head into the sky to seek water from storm clouds, bring it back to the islands to restore their supply, and keep the flies at bay by waterlogging them with your water blaster. Don't forget to fuel up, and be careful out there! 


Keep the islands alive while maintaining your fuel. To keep the islands alive you must drop water off over top of them. Water can be gathered by flying through dark rain clouds up above(fuel and water storage is measured in the bottom left).  At some points islands may come under siege from flies, you can take them down by shooting at them with a water blast. If you ever get lost you have a compass overhead that will point you in the direction of either the green, yellow, or pink islands. To refuel, stop at your home base and fly through the flags.

Controls (Controller)

Left Analog Stick- Steer

Right Bumper - Speed Up

Left Bumper - Slow Down

Bottom Button - Drop Water

Right Button - Shoot

Controls (Mouse & Keyboard)

WASD or Arrows - Steer

Shift - Speed Up

Ctrl - Slow Down

Space - Drop Water

LMB or "E" - Shoot


LDJam_v1.zip 48 MB


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Had fun playing the game and the music was cool! I think that there should be a way to control the roll of the plane with q and e or using the right and left bumpers so that you can turn easier and then maybe just letting the stick be used for yaw and pitch, just so you can use all ranges of movement.


This was a fun one! Would be even better with a bit better control of the plane's movements. But I enjoyed the visuals and the soundtrack a lot!

Starts at 13:05

Hi ! Very fun, beautiful game :)

This is beautiful! It brought a big smile to my face.

the plane dosent turn vary well, and there isn't a way to control volume witch there needs to be.