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In this battle royale rhythm game, survive rounds of unrelenting pleasantness while nailing dance moves and wearing out your friends! Last dancer standing wins!


This game is to be played by 1-4 players with x-box controllers. The goal of the game is to be the last player dancing, stamina will keep you going and keeping track of your dancer will help you during dance breaks! Missing dance moves will cause your stamina to drop.

When the game is started different icons will slide across the screen telling you which button to press when the icon reaches the middle. The icon with the Up-Down arrow means you can either press up or down.

When the command is given to HALT! Make sure not to move! A deduction in stamina will occur for any players to move.  These breaks are mini games in which you can either regenerate or lose more stamina.

If a player gets 12 moves in a row a special event will occur that will allow them to tornado the heck out of their friends. 


Analog stick  or D-Pad - Match rhythm commands

Analog stick or D-Pad - Move around during dance breaks

Mouse - Click menu buttons

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Tags3D, battle-royale, chaos, Cute, dancing, Flight, maypole, midsommar, pretty


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