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Left / Right or A / D - Move

Space - Jump / Flap

Avoid the enemies and obstacles!

Gather your feathered friends and take them to the next level without letting them perish!

Of a Feather is a tweetin' cute platformer where you flap your way up the trees trying to avoid tree gators, foxes, hedgehogs, cacti, and more .  Gather other birds along the way by flying close to them to progress from level to level, making sure to keep them close by and out of the danger that surrounds you.  As you progress it will be harder to keep your feathered friends from falling victim to the circle of life. 

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Published 6 days ago
Tagsbird, Cute, fox, gator, hedgehog, Ludum Dare 40, Relaxing, tweet
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this is really gorgeous and relaxing!