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That was one of the aesthetically most pleasing and also relaxing games of the whole Ludum Dare 40, so let me congratulate you on the 37th place! The color palette was absolutely gorgeous. I'm a huge fan of your pixel art and loved how you gave each of the different animals another kind of 'hostile' interaction. <3 Also, to see how the little bird swarm moves higher and higher was always a very satisfying moment to me. Looking forward to your projects in the future. :) I wrote a little article about your game and also created a gameplay video of it, maybe it'll drive some more players to your games.

Best wishes,

Hiya! I did a play on YouTube for this game. I really enjoyed this, it made me feel calm and stuff. And... I'd like to know how the anatomy of the living cacti works, for science purposes.

Oh and since I played with the app there was no sounds. 

this is really gorgeous and relaxing!