Finally! A sleepover with all of your buddies. It’s time to team up and beat that video game that’s been sitting on your shelf for months. Nothing can get in your way… well except maybe your hungry cat, and your little brother, and your well-meaning mom.


(Best played with friends!! Though you can play solo if you like.)

Slumber Squad is a local multiplayer party game where 2 - 4 kids at a slumber party work together to beat a video game. The video game is simple enough, the real challenge is keeping the distractions away so you can concentrate. To win the game players will need to work together to get rid of the distractions and conquer the game. Hurry, it’s almost bedtime!

Interact with the distractions in your room while playing the game to get the highest score you can.


Movement - WASD / Arrow Keys / Num Pad
Interact - F / Enter / Num 0 
Jump(Video Game) - Spacebar / Right Shift / Num Enter

Movement - Left Stick / D-Pa
Interact - B or A (Bottom/Right)
Jump(Video Game) - X or Y (Top/Left)


Art by Brieyh'leai (@comfyfish)
Programming by Nic Lupfer (@NicLupfer)

All music from Louie Zong's Bandcamp (@everydaylouie) -
"Dogsitting"," Tutorial Time!", and "Winter Melon Way"

This game was commissioned by Playcrafting for the 2021 Play NYC Convention

Updated 3 days ago
Published 14 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Made withUnity


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