Post Jam Update!!

Heya everybody! 

Nic and I have been making some additions to the game since the jam (the submitted version is still downloadable as a Windows build). We've added new features and improvements based on all the great feedback.  It's been a lot of fun making more content for this game and all of the comments from the GMTK jam have been super helpful. I am currently working on a post-mortem / jam process post that got a little bigger than expected, but I hope to post it here soon. We intend to keep adding on to this game, so any more thoughts/feedback are certainly helpful. 

See you around, and thanks again!

New Content
- 10 new levels
- Added collectibles and a score
- New jump-thru tiles
- New "Skellie" monster
- Updated level visuals
- Added more visual and sound effects

Shard Changes
- Shard has a maximum distance it can go
- Shard will bounce off spikes
- Shard stops if it hits an enemy
- The shard will automatically return to you after it bounces around the level for a few seconds
- Added a way to recall the shard (L, V or Shift)
- Added an aiming indicator
- Added time slowing when aiming the shard

- Adjusted character movement to be less floaty
- Fixed a bug with spike damage not being applied
- Add more control options (WASD / Arrow Keys + J, K , L or X, C, V)
- Added support for some game controllers
- Better fit the camera boundaries to the levels

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Aug 18, 2019

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Ok I'm confused with the files you have listed. On the main game product page it shows:

Both for Windows.

But on this page it shows: Play in browser

What is the most recent downloadable Windows version?

Ah, good catch, I will fix that! The "" is the most recent, as well as web build that you can play in browser.


Ok cool. Thanks for the quick response. :)


I absolutely love this game! I'd love to get in touch


Haha! I should have posted my video so much earlier because a few of my points are no longer valid : )

You added an aiming indicator and changed the floatiness!


Heh, well I am at least glad we were able to improve what you had feedback on! ( :