Soulward is an ethereal platformer where you have one tool used as your life, transportation, and weapon. Made by Brieyh'leai Simmons and Nic Lupfer for GMTK Jam 2019.

WASD - Movement

Spacebar - Jump

Hold Enter/"K"/"C" and use WASD - Aim shard

Release Enter/"K"/"C" - Shoot shard

Press Enter/"K"/"C" - again  after shooting shard to teleport to the shard

Hold Shift/"L"/"V"

"R" Key - Restart

Your shard can be teleported to only when charged. It loses charge after a throw, but is able to gain a charge by hitting an enemy or a wall. 

If you take a hit without the shard in possession you will die. 

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Made withUnity
Tags2D, jumping, Pixel Art


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when you actually get a hold of the controls this game is amazing omf


Hey Gumboot! I can't seem to message you on twitter, is there some other way I can contact you?


You should be able to reach out to comfyfish on twitter.


Hi, I was new in this game development and I just wanna ask a question. I couldn't find the answer on the web.

Is it ok if someone use this game mechanic to make an actual game (shard and teleportation)?

or it needs approval from the developer/author?


You don't need our permission or anyone's really. I don't think we were the first to do a throw-teleport mechanic. There's already a few other similar games out there now,  such as Daggerhood, and I bet there are others that we don't know about yet.


oh ok that's nice thankyou for your response :)


Liked the art style, the mechanics have potential. Feels like it pushed into a longer game that could end up having its own distinctive feel.


Is there any way to remap the controls?  Frankly, they're... not that great. I love the concept and the way it handles but the controls just make it way too frustrating to actually enjoy what should be a great game.

Yeah the control layout is tricky.
Have you tried playing with a controller? An Xbox or a similar style controller "should" work.


Hi! I think I found a glitch, but it could just be a feature. On Edge Chromium instead of the ethereal blue color pallet, it’s a red color scheme. Here is a screenshot :D


im pro in find bugs  i cant move im doing the rspawn animation


Try mashing the Shift, Enter, and R buttons XD


Hello there,

I have been directed to this game by a subscriber of mine. I was wondering if I could make a video on this game because I really like the look of it and I am thankful for the suggestion I got given.

^ . ^


Just in case gumboot doesn’t reply, here is some information: This is made in part of a game jam, and by entering gumboot has accepted that this game can be recorded in a video without needing to ask. It still is nice to ask, but if gumboot doesn’t reply that is some information for you :D

thank you for letting me know. I do like to ask just because I have had game developers not wanting videos made on their games, I thought it was just better to be safe than sorry.

I know, it’s just in case :D

Thank you

You’re welcome :D


Yes! We would love for you to make a video about Soulward!

Thank you! I can't wait to play


so good

It appears as though someone has copied your concept:


Very nice game, art style, mechanics, 5 star. I wish you make it into a full game with way more levels, intricate stuff.

awesome game!


awesome art style and mechanics! loved it!


I love the art style and game mechanics. I played the whole thing.


I absolutely love it


Absolutely amazing


I am blown away by this game. Incredible work for a 48 hour jam. Played the whole thing


Once you get passed level 11 you just start flowing with the character and it feels so awesome! 


Good to know, because that's about where I was going to give up.


This game is absolutely amazing! You should definitely make a full game!


loved this game

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Just the right amount of challenge. Mastering the controls is hugely satisfying. Would love to play more progressively challenging levels.

Great game!


Polished, fun, and original. I enjoyed playing this game


pweas make moreeee



I can't get past level 11


Great game and concept, but I just can't get past 1-11. It's too hard for me. I would love it if some YouTuber made a let's play of this game so that I could see how to get past these levels... haha... jk......... unless?


Hey, I just finished the whole game! it took around 30 minutes or so.

I may shoot a video for you to show you and upload it to yt


OOPS just finished the game, but it took me like... 3 hours, much longer than you took. I still think it would be really helpful for future players to have that video though if they get really stuck like I did!


Really cool concept. Does it have a story?

Most likely not since it was made in just 2 day


Wow nice


great game :D


What an amazing game! couldn't get past level 1-9 though haha


neither lol


Amazing! Really pleasant experience.
the jump feels a little rough and I experienced a little lag in the last level, getting stuck on the wall. 

Overall it was an amazing experience man, congrats!


I absolutely loved this game, by the time the game finished I was just starting to really get into it

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Hey, love the game, but I had one weird bug/problem, when I tried to download the exe file. I couldn't move, just shoot, when I used a/d or my controller it would just show the shooting pose/animation, no walking/running :( . 


uhm the game is a bit Quiet so you could make some more music for it

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Is this game going to be developed more?

It's very good if you released this game on switch it would be awesome.


Tried V1. Really nice game, left me with an itch for more levels. Took me a little to get the hang of the shard's working, but once I got it, I was able to move faster and avoid enemies attacks easier. As some mentioned, movement feels a bit floaty, after you teleport to the shard there's some momentum to the character. I like the art style. If you ask me what I would add to the game, it would be a fast level auto-start, and not asking for confirmation after dying. Hope to see more from this game, I truly liked it.


Wow you've done a good job with this :D Really like the shard mechanic and the art style is great. I feel like the movement could be a little tighter and I think the difficulty curve could be improved but other then that it's awesome! You could definitely release this as a full game with more levels and some tweaking ;)


What I liked about the jam version was, that it was centered around the shard and the tone was relaxing. However, you did need to execute the throws correctly, because you couldn't recall the shard; creating the challenge.

With the post jam version you've taken the game in the direction of skilled platforming, while the movement is still floaty and it's not possible to aim precisely enough on a keyboard. It's nice that there is an indicator showing the aim direction and that the shard makes a sound when it collides, but I'm not a fan of the other changes. In the end I prefer the jam version, so it's nice that it's still available.

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