WASD - Move

J- Interact/ Attack

K-Shoot Gun

L- Dash

Escape - Pause

In this game you have one power bar that is a combination of your health and stamina. Your power bar goes down if you shoot your gun, dash, or get hit by an enemy. It goes up when you move around and stand near Beacons. Remember that the power boots require you to keep moving or your power will run out and you will die.

Standing near beacons gives you a safe space to heal.


You are in a tough spot. Your mother has been struggling with an illness of unknown cause, and she asks you to help her. A relic of her past, the power boots, are given to you. These boots make you powerful enough to take down any swamp creature, but there's just one thing. When you are not moving in them, you are dying in them. 

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